Scope of Work: Done4youWP Support

Whether you are an entrepreneur or running a small to medium sized business, chances are your business is required to have a presence online.  Many of you simply don't have the time to troubleshoot problems that come up from time to time on your sites because there are so many other things to worry about.  Keeping cost low and income high is the ultimate goal, right?

One content management system that is gaining a lot of popularity is WordPress because of it's user-friendly experience (UX).  We can go on and on why WordPress is so awesome, but just because we like it so much doesn't necessarily mean that it's always easy.  Have you ever tried to tweak something on your site and all of sudden everything is out of whack?  This happens quite a bit.   There are so many themes and plugins from third parties that it's virtually impossible to maintain a secure and compatible configuration 100% of the time.

Did you know that one in every six websites is built using WordPress?

At DoneForYouWP, we specialize in assisting you with fixing the little hiccups you find along the way. This is the main reason why we decided to launch this website. We've identified several key areas of support for WordPress sites that we can help with.

Below is a list of services we provide (Not all services are provided for the Standard and Premium plans):

  • Theme/Plugin Updates. We can review your existing plugins and themes and look for updates. In addition, we will learn what plugins and themes have been uploaded that are no longer being used and delete them.

  • WordPress Consulting. It's always nice to be able to have a WordPress expert on call for you. We offer a ticket system, email and phone responses, depending on your plan, to answer your questions, advise you and offer insight into making your experience with WordPress much easier.

  • Plugin Installation. It's very important to make sure that when you are adding plugins that they are built well. Plugins built with poorly written code are giant targets for hackers that can easily find holes in the software and get into your site.

  • WordPress Backups. Creating a backup of all your files isn't enough. We will schedule consistent backups so that in case something happens, you will always have access to your files.

  • Poorly written code. This is a huge problem and it's often very difficult to figure this out unless you are proficient in various programming languages like CSS and HTML5. If you are, then you most likely don't need our services and we bow to your respected excellence within Geeksville.

  • Troubleshooting HTML/CSS/Javascript. Here we go... using crazy letters to explain what we can do, lol. We have the knowledge to understand the various programming languages associated with your WordPress site and can help fix errors or improve your site performance when you aren't able or don't have the time.

  • Styling elements with CSS. CSS stands for cascading style sheets and this is the language that creates how various elements look and feel on your website.

  • Performance Optimization. Speed is very important to how well you get ranked in the search engines, but it's just as or more important to your visitors because 72% of visitors will leave your site if it doesn't load in the first three seconds... Ouch! We will optimize your CSS, Javascript and images.

  • Security Monitoring. We will upload a security plugin that will consistently monitor your site. While we cannot 100% guarantee someone hacking into your site, we can do a lot to prevent it by monitoring your site 24/7.

  • Video Training. We will provide screen capture video tutorials and add them to your WordPress dashboard. Business plan only.

  • Monthly Reports. Every plan member of DoneForYourWP will receive a monthly activity report. This will give you an idea of what we've done to your site and you can track our progress. (Does not include service block hourly customers). Business plan only.

  • SEO Monthly Reports. Ultra Plan members will receive monthly SEO reports that will help them track their search engine rankings. While we do not perform on or off-site SEO, these reports are still very valuable. Business plan only.

  • Blog Writing. We will write one (1) fully optimized blog per month for our Business Plan members. Business plan only.

If you have any questions as what it is exactly that we can do for you, feel free to contact us anytime or review our "Terms and Conditions". Management will review your request and either accept or deny the request based on the scope of work the project entails.

While we totally love WordPress and want to provide you with a great service, there are some things that we will be unable to meet approval by our management and they are:

  • Website Redesign

  • Landing Page Design

  • Custom Plugin Development

  • Custom Theme Development

  • Search Marketing / SEO Services

  • Any job that will take longer than 30 minutes to complete (subject to management approval)

Visit our partner page to find our recommended solutions for these and other services that are outside our service and support.


There are three different plans to choose from depending on your needs and budget. If you aren't interested in a monthly or annual option, you can opt for our blocks of service with no commitment.


MONTHLY WordPress support is a DoneForYouWP service that is included in all our service plans. We pride ourselves on helping entrepreneurs and business with their WordPress problems.