What is WordPress?

Want to create a website or blog? You can do that at WordPress! Whether you’re into business, sports, health, arts, or whatever niche you’re in, WordPress offers a free platform for you to showcase it. Read on to know What is WordPress.

WordPress and Content Management

What is WordPressDesiring to have your own site is not enough when you don’t know how to manage one. This is what’s great about WordPress. Its system is easy for anyone to understand and work on.

When you consider starting a website or blog, you think about the things you want to share—photos, poems, products, news, anything else. With these in mind, you would want a platform that’s convenient and perfect for your ideas.

What about WordPress?

WordPress’ content management system allows you to do just that. Perhaps, even more. With it, you can create, modify, and publish your very own content.

Features like themes and plugins are set to help you achieve your goals. Also, you get to collaborate with other users in creating and maintaining your site. It comes with a mobile-friendly access as well.

Powerful Features

WordPress has dominated the web with 58.5% of market share. This means millions around the world are enjoying the privileges that WordPress offers. Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Easy Publishing – WordPress (WP) is optimized for anyone to publish easily. Once you login to your WP account, you’ll find the tools just staring in front of you. Posting content is just a click away. Everything in WP is designed and arranged in a user-friendly setting.
  • Themes – How would you want to design your site? WordPress has a lot of themes to choose from. Simply know what your site is about, and pair it with an appropriate theme. WP has default themes, but you can always replace it with something you like. You can also upload your own.
  • Plugins – Plugins are like the applications we install in our computers or phones. They help enhance the content you provide. So, if you’re thinking about placing a map, calendar, forms, spam protection, and other such useful tools for your site, you can go to WP’s plugin directory and choose the right one for you. It’s a haven of more than 48,000 plugins, majority of which is free.
  • SEO – This amazing platform is optimized for search engines. You can make use of categories, tags, links, and other such SEO elements for people to find your site. WP also has helpful SEO plugins that you can use.
  • Social Media – Are you interested in extending your site to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other awesome social media networks? You can do that with WordPress. It has social media widgets that you can use to connect to others and multiply your visitors.
  • Mobile – You can manage and share your site anywhere without having to use a computer. With WP, you also don’t have to worry about how your site will appear on iOs and android devices. Click here for information.

Ready Help

What is WordPressWordPress prides in having a lot of supporters, who are ready to share their knowledge and skills. A beginner in WP won’t be disappointed with the help they provide through blog posts, forums, and others. You can also attend WordCamps to be more familiar with the platform and its wide community.

Here’s a list of some of the prominent WP users:

Discover more at WP’s showcase. From fashion to sports, news to fiction, startups to corporate, and so much more, WordPress welcomes more users to share their ideas and connect with the world.

Future with WordPress

With the dawn of the new year, WordPress presents its upgraded version and advancement in security.

What is WordPressNamed after the jazz legend, Sarah Vaughan, the new software version is ready for download. WordPress 4.7 comes with a new default theme that features:

  • Edit shortcuts
  • Video headers
  • Smoother menu building
  • Dashboard in your language
  • And so much more!

Apart from the new version, WP has also taken a step forward in security. They’ve announced their support to the HTTPS movement, which encourages website developers and owners to shift from HTTP to HTTPS.

It seeks to make the connection between servers and browsers more secure and convenient for both site owner and user. For this, an SSL certificate is required. Google supports this movement as well.

It’s not mandatory. However, changing to HTTPS increases your site’s SEO ranking and allows it to run smoothly. By 2017, some features in WordPress will require you to have HTTPS.

Up for a Start

WordPress is totally free to use. To host your own site, however, would require you to invest on a web host. Here’s what you need to start:

  1. What is WordPressWeb Host – You can find reliable ones at WordPress Web Hosting.
  2. WordPress Software – Download and install WordPress in just 5 minutes.
  3. Developer – Developers, like Done4YouWP, help manage your WordPress website. They can fix errors, design your site, provide consultation, and more. WP has also provided developer resources if you wish to work it all by yourself.

Like they say, you can start your site in as easy as 1-2-3.

Get Going with WordPress

A fascinating and powerful content management system, WordPress lets you start your very own site. It has millions of supporters that are ready to reach out and make WP even better.

As site owner, it’s essential that you create and build your own identity online. In doing so, you’d have to keep up with the latest updates and versions available for plugins, themes, and other features.

When the going gets tough, you can always call on experts and others to help provide the best solution.

Compromise and vulnerability issues are no longer new to any kind of system. But, you can always take action just like the HTTPS movement. It’s a good start to getting better security.

With WordPress, you get good quality, convenience, security, and your very own brand—not bad for a great startup.

If you have anything you’d like to say about What is WordPress, write down a comment or suggestion. We love hearing from you!

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