Your WordPress Site Performance is More Important Than You May Think

Google incorporates site speed as one of the over 200 factors they use to measure sites for ranking in their search engine.  The performance of your site is not only important when it comes to having your site rank well, but it also provides a much better user experience for your visitors.  

Did you know that according to a study performed Radware that a page that took six seconds to load witnessed a 40% conversion hit? This was in 2010 and in 2014, that number jumped to 50%.

We can go on and on with statistics as to why it's so important to have a fast site, and we will, but first the reason we are sharing this with you is because if your site is not optimized for speed, then your site's performance will suffer, your conversions will drop and the bottom line is that you will lose more conversions, sales and income.

There are several reasons that may cause your page to load slowly. One of the first places to look is your hosting service. Many people overlook the fact that hosting can be one of the main reasons why your site is not performing well. While there are many things to consider, you have to understand that you get what you pay for. We also understand, in full transparency, that because we offer hosting solutions that this may seem bias, but this truly is an overwhelmingly large aspect of slow performing sites.

DoneForYouWP understands the nuances of performance optimization. This is great for you because where you might not know how to improve your site's performance, we do. We love it and one of the greatest successes we relish in is seeing a site's speed improve because of the tweaks that we make. Yes... We are geeks and very proud of it:-)

Of course there are several factors to consider when your websites pages are loading slowly and here is a list of a couple other things we look at during our optimization process:

  • Images that haven't been properly optimized. We will look at your images to make sure you are utilizing images in the right way... Here's a quick tip: Use png images for logos and icons and use JPEG images for all your photos.

  • Too many widgets. This is usually one of the biggest problems we find when we look at slow sites. Plugins are a great way to improve the UX for your site, but too many of them drags down your site speed and also opens your site up to security vulnerabilities.

  • Browser compatibility. It's always important to see how well your site performs on various browsers. DO NOT USE FLASH!

  • Lots of Images and Ads. We know, we know... you want to monetize your site, but enough with all the ads. Seriously, how many of those ads are really converting for you? Chances are not very well because you have a slow site. Get rid of them and just keep the ads you are really converting with.

  • Poorly written code. This is a huge problem and it's often very difficult to figure this out unless you are proficient in various programming languages like CSS and HTML5. If you are, then you most likely don't need our services and we bow to your respected excellence within Geeksville.

  • WordPress Theme. This is often one of the most difficult items to tackle with our customers, but we will... yeah, we are crazy like that. Even though your site looks pretty, you will lose customers if it doesn't perform. Many of the bells and whistles on these "pretty" sites offer something great to look at, but the problem is that your visitors have already left before the page loads. Please, get a new theme.

  • Image Sliders. Image sliders are super pretty and they offer great content, but they totally drag your system down. Get rid of your image sliders and incorporate those messages within your site in new and creative ways.

Page Load Speed

Google measure your page speed by using a metric called "Page Speed Score".  There is a speed range of 0 - 100 and the higher score it receives the better chances your site has of getting ranked higher in the search engines and providing a better UX.  Here's a link to test your site:  Page Speed.

Performance Statistics


Akamai and found that nearly half of all web users expect to see a site load in two seconds or less.  These same visitors tend to leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.  That's crazy right?  We are living in a world of instant gratification.  If you cannot deliver speed, you are losing business.


There are three different plans to choose from depending on your needs and budget. If you aren't interested in a monthly or annual option, you can opt for our blocks of service with no commitment.

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