How to Create a Free WordPress Site

Want to start your own website for free? WordPress has all the basic amenities for beginners. Its free package offers hundreds of designs as well as enough storage. It’s also convenient to use anytime anywhere. No wonder why millions around the world have chosen WordPress. Here’s how to create a free WordPress Site. Know the steps to begin sharing your ideas to the world!

What You Can Do with a Free Website

Excitement kicks in every time a new website is released. It comes with zillions of possibilities to expand and extend to others across the globe. And, they are possible even with a free WordPress site.

Regardless of the limited features, a free site still has lots to offer. You may not be able to add more plugins or choose from thousands more themes, but you can still connect to a lot of people, discover new ideas, share experiences and thoughts, and even start a community of the same interests.

A free WordPress site is available only from As outlined in a previous article, a free site gives you:

  • Free 3 GB of storage space
  • Hundreds of themes
  • Basic features
  • No worries on codes
  • Built-in Jetpack plugin
  • Ability to link to social media
  • Support from community

All the features are enough to kick-start a website. Creativity is key. With it, you’d be amazed one day that you’ve already crossed borders. The field of opportunity is wide open; you simply have to step in and build.

The First Few Steps

I remember the time I started my free website. All I wanted was to create a blog to feature my sister’s journey in music. In the end, my sister and I decided to publish other articles instead.

Our community of followers grew from 1 to a thousand, and it’s still growing. We never thought we’d reach that much number of people, who come from all walks of life and from different parts of the world.

You can start your own free site too! Here are the first few steps you need to take:

  1. Go to and click the Get Started button at the top right corner.
  2. Choose a layout for your website. It will help determine the right themes for you.
  3. Choose a theme you can start with. You can change to a different one later.
  4. Type in a keyword to create your own address. Customized domains are available for premium accounts. Your free website address will come with a in the last part.
  5. Register with your active email address to create an account.
  6. Login to your email account and click on the confirmation link in the message from WordPress.
  7. Once done, you will be directed to your WordPress admin. Voila! Your account is active, and you may publish your first post.

From your admin dashboard, you can publish, personalize, and configure your free site. Browse around to check what you can do. Usual areas of concern are: content, distribution, security, ownership, and customization.

Create Site Content

Images and text are the only types of content that you can publish in a free WordPress site. Videos are available only for premium accounts. Nonetheless, you can make the most out of images and text to provide your users with the look an feel that you want them to experience. Here’s how:

1. Images

Having your own brand is critical in any website. You may just want to create a site or blog out of leisure, and don’t intend to maintain it. Remember that your website is your place online.

It reflects your identity, your brand. Even if you only want to post something to have something to do, people will find you. Once they do, you want them to enjoy your site’s content.

You can start by asking yourself about what you want to achieve. Give it a picture or create a brand logo that you can place in your site. It will help people identify you when they want more.

Apart from the logo, you can use images to create content in any page of your site. Simply head on to Pages in your admin dashboard, and click on the page you want to modify. You can insert any picture.

Another area where you could use images is your blog. Most (if not all) WordPress themes have blogging areas. You can feature an image for any post or insert images within your blog entry.

Only remember to reduce the size or compress your images before adding them. This is to help your site to load faster, thus, improve user experience. Everyone doesn’t have all the time to wait on your site to load.

You can use TinyJPG or other online image compressors to reduce the size in bytes. Compressing your images not only increases site speed, but also enhances the image quality and provides more space for important files that you would want to add.

2. Text

Words have power. How do you keep a person interested? In any area of your website, your goal is to provide people with the best possible experience. You want them to stay in your site because you believe you have great content that they can benefit from.

“Thought leadership is not about being known. It is about being known for making a difference.”

This is what we refer to as thought leadership. You provide quality content that people could visit time and again. You position yourself as a thought leader in the circle you’re in.

There are different ways to use text in your site. First is through your Site Title. Make it unique enough for you to stand out and attract more followers.

Other ways are:

  • Site menu
  • Page content
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials

As they say, make every word count. Know what your target followers are up to, and stay updated. You can bank on them for your content.

Research when necessary. Once you already know what to publish, ensure consistency and coherence in your text. Aim for quality as well, and let passion hold the reins.

Share to Other Platforms

Already published your content? Congratulations! But it doesn’t stop there.

To guide more people to your site, you need to distribute your amazing content to other platforms. You need to promote it. The good thing about a free WordPress site is you can link it to your social media accounts.

How to Create a Free WordPress Site

Simply click on the Sharing button in your admin dashboard. It will direct you to page where you can connect your accounts. There are currently 6 different platforms you can distribute to.

Apart from social media, you can also tap influencers to help share your content. They have loyal followers who might be interested in your unique offers. Influencers can be your neighbors, colleagues, authors, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who’ve established a name for themselves.

Safe and Secure

Security isn’t much of an issue for free sites. They have a built-in Jetpack plugin that provides security and backup services among other things.

Free sites are under the protection of WordPress, who always have in mind to keep their users safe from malware, loss of data, and other threats.

On your end, you can use a password manager like LastPass to keep your passwords. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting or about getting hacked because you store your passwords in easily accessible text files.

Site Ownership

A free account has limited benefits. It’s like renting a space. As a tenant, you can beautify it or do anything you want as long as you don’t breach the agreement. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t control the activities in your site.

You can create a team to manage your site, and even get to choose the roles they would play. You can decide what, when, and how content will be released. There is joy in having a free account.

People will recognize the content as yours or your teammates, but will always know it’s under the WordPress.

Customize Your Site

Along with lease ownership comes the power to personalize your space. In the long run, when you see your site booming, you can upgrade your account to earn from it and to access more features. You can upgrade to a Personal plan and get rid of the WordPress domain that’s attached to your site URL.

But while you’re on a free account, you can customize your site through menus, themes, and content. It may not be sufficient for you if you plan to put up an online store or other causes that need a huge storage. For that, you have to upgrade to a Premium or Business plan.

Create Your Free WordPress Site

Despite the overwhelming amount of information published everyday, WordPress is still open to host your thoughts, masterpieces, or products. It’s a great platform to share your brand and serve others with what you’re good at.

Having a site doesn’t have to be tedious and dull. There’s a wide community of supporters that you can connect with. In your free site, you can visit the Reader section where you’ll discover lots of other interesting WordPress sites.

Create content that would benefit people. Be clear in what you want to achieve. And, be found for what you represent. Like they say, design your success story with a powerful website.

Tell us what you think about How to Create a Free WordPress Site. Leave a comment or suggestion. We love hearing from you!

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